What Is A Private 

Economic Development Group?

This means we select a few high-impact,

self-sustaining, and beneficial projects at a time and see those through to completion.

We Provide Assistance to...

Government Agencies

  • Project Development/Management

  • General Consulting Services

  • Budget/Schedule Management

  • Economic Development Consulting

Native Communities

  • Tribe Owned Data Center Partnerships

  • Economic Development 

  • Broadband/ Real Estate Development

  • Project Management

Businesses in Transition

  • Buying Businesses

  • Selling Businesses 

  • Business Transition Management

  • Business Transition Preparation

Expanding Businesses

  • Business Consulting/Coaching

  • Marketing/Business Development

  • Accounting/Financial Consulting

  • Operations/Process Development

Reinforcing Non-Profits

  • Organizational Management

  • Marketing/Business Development

  • Self-Sustaining Revenue Generation

  • Operations/Process Development

Select Startups

  • Business Consulting/Coaching

  • Business Plan/Development

  • Financing/Investment

  • Business Launching

What Are We Working On Now?

At any given time we are juggling a few projects we are excited about. Be sure to check back to see what we're working on.

Have a Project You'd Like Help With?

Do you have a business idea you want to make profitable?

Is your current business losing money?

Are you thinking about retirement/selling or your kids don't want to take over?

Are you a government organization struggling with Economic Development?

Does your non-profit spend more time begging for money than helping people?

Do you have a project that you want to see done on time and on budget?

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